Amazing Steak Sandwiches
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Description: Inspired by Philly Cheesesteaks, these are totally gourmet, family and guests will love them.

Chef's Comments:
If you do not have shiitake mushrooms, portabello or regular mushrooms are fine.
2 pound beef tenderloin, strip steak or flank steak
4 ounce Secret Sauces Steak Marinade
8 shiitake mushrooms, chopped
1 medium onion, chopped
olive oil
havarti cheese
fresh sandwich rolls
1. Trim meat to remove excess fat. Marinate meat in Secret Sauces Steak Marinade. (If using flank steak, tenderize meat prior to marinating.)

2. Grill meat to desired doneness. (Medium Rare to Medium is recommended.) Remove meat from grill and allow to cool enough for handling. Slice meat into 1/4" thick pieces.

3. Saute chopped mushrooms in olive oil. Remove from pan when done.

4. Saute onion in olive oil until just translucent in color.

5. Slice Havarti Cheese into thin slices.

6. Put oven on low broil.

7. Cut rolls in half, but not all the way through so that they lay open face. Place on a cookie sheet. Spread horseradish on roll to taste. Place meat on individual rolls. Top with mushrooms and onion. Place slices of cheese on top of sandwiches.

8. Put in the oven for a few minutes, or until cheese is melted and break just lightly toasted.

9. Fold sandwich together and bite into the most Amazing Steak Sandwich you’ve ever had!
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