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Barbecued Cheese Sandwiches Recipes

  Barbecued Cheese Sandwiches Recipe
Submitted by: Ruth on 2005-10-24 Rating:
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Description: Cheese is ideal for cooking on the barbecue. Processed cheeses are suitable, as are hard cheeses such as Gryyere, Emmenthal or Gouda.
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7 oz processed cheese, Gruyere or Gouda
2 tomatoes
8 slices of bread or baguette
Softened butter
Chili powder
1. Cut the cheese into slices. Wash the tomatoes, remove the stalks and cut into slices. Butter all the slices of bread on both sides and put 4 of them on 4 pieces of foil.

2. Arrange the sliced tomatoes on the 4 slices of bread and add the cheese slices. Season with salt, chili powder and paprika.

3. Put the other slices of bread on top and wrap in the foil.

4. Grill the parcels over high heat for about 6-8 minutes.
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Barbecued Cheese Sandwiches